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"Every Minute Matters"
Global Ad Campaign

In the global campaign for Panadol, GlaxoSmithKline's fast-acting pain relief product, focusing on the Asia, Australia & New Zealand and the European markets, the creative vision was to revitalize the brand, moving away from its traditionally clinical image.


My team and I crafted a series of compelling stories centered around "busy people"—individuals who can't afford to interrupt their demanding schedules for something as minor as a headache. The campaign was led by a dialogue-driven TV commercials, a fresh approach for Panadol's global communications. This central theme extended to online content, amplifying the campaign's reach and engagement.

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Global Campaign - GSK

Global Campaign - GSK

We've also created a GIF campaign to drive the message on social.

Celebrating all the "busy heads" out there.


No matter what they may be busy with.

360 campaign assets:

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